Remove 'Powered by Ghost' from Ghost Blog

Using the "Code injection" in the Ghost settings, you can remove "Powered by Ghost" from your Ghost blog site, whether you are self-hosting or using Ghost Pro.

Firstly, open your Ghost blog in the browser and use the 'Developer Tools' in the browser to detect the class name related. As the following image shows, for this blog, the class name related is gh-footer-copyright.


Use Code Injection

Now we need to inject code via Ghost settings. In your Ghost dashboard, navigate to Settings -> Code Injection.

  • Replace 'gh-footer-copyright' in the code with the class name you find in the last step:
  .gh-footer-copyright {
    display: none;
  • Put the code in 'Site header' in 'Code Injection', save and reload your blog, now the 'Powered by Ghost' should be gone.